Bruce Forster (SSSI)Asia-Pacific Remote Sensing Pty Ltd

Introduction to Radar Remote Sensing – One Day Short Course

This introductory course on radar remote sensing is mainly for beginners but may suit those with an intermediate background in remote sensing but little experience in radar remote sensing. The course will cover the following topic headings:

  • Overview of radar theory and applications – systems, geometry, wavelengths, surface scattering mechanisms and dielectric properties, radar polarisation.
  • Fundamental radar concepts – radar resolution, radar equation, SAR image formation.
  • Basic geometry – beam width, relief displacement, foreshortening and layover, shadowing, radargrammetry.
  • Scattering mechanisms – Rayleigh’s theorem, surface roughness, surface, volume and hard target scattering.
  • Introduction to image classification and geometric correction – pixel and area classification, filtering and speckle suppression, simple affine geometric transformation.
  • Polarimetric SAR – choice of polarisation, Stokes vector, polarisation signatures, application of polarimetry.

Dipak Paudyal (ESRI Australia): AI and Radar processing