Conference topics

Topics of interests include but not limited to:


Sensor and communication networks

  • Distributed sensing and computing for crisis response
  • Multi-platform and multi-sensor data collection
  • Crowd sourcing and Volunteered Geographic Information
  • Context awareness and self-organisation in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs)
  • Opportunistic sensing, networking, and dissemination

Data processing and visualisation

  • Cross jurisdiction and cross sector semantics
  • Integration of data
  • Standardisation (models, icons, symbols)
  • Service discovery, filtering and composition (Web services, Net-centric)
  • Interface design for crisis management
  • Visualisation and Visual Analytics
  • Decision enhancement systems

User requirements and best practices

  • Coordination among agencies and stakeholders
  • Design requirements and design processes for information systems
  • Security and privacy
  • Simulation tools, serious games, training and crisis response
  • Evacuation and navigation regulations and systems

Bushfires Australia

  • Early Detection of Bush Fires using Remote Sensing
  • Use of UAV Carried Sensors for Detection
  • Active fire monitoring of bushfires with remote sensing
  • Advances in remote sensing of fuel loads
  • Post-fire hazard assessments with remote sensing
  • Co-ordination of Detection and Response
  • GIS for Prediction of Critical Fire Zones
  • Informing communities



  • Building resilience in post-disaster recovery operations
  • Aligning response and recovery to the SDGs
  • Resilience and climate change adaptation
  • Adaptation or Transformation? The Resilience Challenge


  • Engaging in complexity – using a systems perspective
  • Urbanising humanitarian response – assumptions and actors
  • Urbanisation and its links to rural development
  • Local actors, first responders and urban gatekeepers


  • Enhancing resilience for greater human and national security
  • The human dimensions of climate security: health, food & livelihood security
  • Securing the future: The challenges of connectivity, mobility & potability
  • Who Makes the Rules? Crime, corruption and ‘creativity’


  • The role of trust between organisations and institutions
  • Accountability or More Red Tape? Getting the balance right
  • Organisational Coordination or Collusion: the challenge of sustainable development
  • Grab and Go: The role of corruption in fuelling disasters