Geo-Information for Disaster Management

Geo-information for Disaster management (Gi4DM) is an annual conference devoted to the use and application of geo-information technology in disaster management. The fundamental goal of the conference is to provide a forum where disaster managers, stakeholders, researchers, data providers and system developers can discuss challenges, share experience, discuss new ideas, demonstrate technology and analyse future research toward better support of risk and disaster management activities.

Eleven editions of these conferences have taken place in Delft, The Netherlands, (March 2005), Goa, India, (September 2006), Toronto, Canada, (May 2007), Harbin, China (August, 2008), Prague, Czech Republic (January 2009), Turin, Italy (February 2010), Antalya, Turkey (May, 2011) Enschede, the Netherlands (December, 2012), Hanoi, Vietnam (December 2013), Montpellier, France (September, 2015), Istanbul, Turkey (March 2018) and Prague, Czech Republic (September, 2019). The 13th conference will be organised in Sydney, Australia (December, 2020).

Gi4DM has been organised in cooperation with different international bodies such as ISPRS, UNOOSA, ICA, ISCRAM FIG, IAG  OGC, WFP and supported by national organisations such as GIN (Netherlands) and CIG (Canada). Gi4DM has been organised by different organisations. For the period 2016-2020, Gi4DM is coordinated by the ISPRS ICWG III/IVa Disaster Assessment, Monitoring and Management.

The purpose of this web site is to preserve as much as possible the impressions of all symposia, the innovative ideas, papers, presentations, publications and workshop and thereby strengthen the links between Geo-specialists and Disaster managers.

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